[email protected]:~$ sudo apt install charon-core

My name is Charon Faustinus. 22 Years old

I like monsters and robots. If you draw one or have a lot of those. You can send it to me at my twitter.

My favorite videogames

Titanfall 2 - BT-7274 best boi
Outer Wilds - I wanna hug Riebeck.
KUNAI - Cute Tablet boi
Just Shapes & Beats - Cute Shapes
Dead Cells - Cute cells
Wandersong Cute bard
OneShot - Cute cat
Night in the Woods - also Cute cat
Starbound - Cute… robots race I guess?
Hyper Light Drifter - Cute… Main character
Warframe - Cute and thicc
Destiny 2 - Cute ghost